Fluid Solenoid Valve

XMFZ RIGHT ANGLE PULSE VALVE - Reverse jet pulse valve

Adopt international advanced technology.
Used for dust remover.
Key parts all made of imported materiaIs.
Pneumatic control type,solenoid control type,ex-proof solenoid control type for choose
Female thread connection port,easy to be mounted.

 Working Pressure        0.3~0.8MPa
 Ambient Temperature    -5~55℃
 Relatively Humidity        <85%
 Working Medium        Clean Air
 VoItage            AC110V/AC220V/DC24V
 Diaphragm Life Cycles    Over 1000k Cycles

Structural design            Angled version
Diaphragm valve            Actuation type
Electrical                Sealing principle
Soft                Mounting position
Any                Type of mounting
Screwed tightly            With thread
Process valve connection 1        1/4'' ~ G2
Nominal width            50 mm
Valve function            2/2, closed, monostable
Manual override            None
Flow direction            Non-reversible
Differential pressure            0.35 bar
Reset method            Mechanical spring
Type of control            Pilot-controlled
Medium pressure            0.35 bar ... 8 bar
Information on operating and pilot media    Operation with oil lubrication not possible
Ambient temperature            -20 °C ... 60 °C
Flow rate Kv            78 m³/h
On switching time            ≤ 30 ms
Switching time off            ≤ 100 ms
Housing material            Die-cast aluminum           
Material number of housing        EN AC-47100D           
Seals material            NBR
Material of screws            High-alloy stainless steel
Material number of screw        1.4301
Armature tube material        High-alloy steel
Diaphragm material            NBR-PA
Product weight            2,800 g
Degree of protection            IP65
Corrosion resistance class (CRC)    3 - high corrosion stress
Max. tightening torque for connecting thread    300 Nm