solenoid coils. For direct or alternating current on the valve

Mounting position            Any
Switching position indication        no
Min. pick-up time            10 ms
Duty cycle            100%
Power factor cos {phi}        0.7
Coil characteristics            24 V DC: 4.5 W
                42 V AC: 50/60 Hz, initial power 9.0 VA, holding power 7.0 VA
Permissible frequency fluctuations    +/- 5%
Permissible voltage fluctuations        +/- 10 %
Degree of protection            IP65
Ambient temperature            -5 °C ... 40 °C
Max. tightening torque of socket    0.4 Nm
Product weight            55 g
Electrical connection            3-pin
Plug flags with connection diagram as per Festo standard for MSSD-F
Solenoid coil material        Duroplast - Copper - Steel
Material of winding            Copper