Air Soruce Treatment Units

XOFR(FILTER&REGULATOR) - Compressed air filter regulator LFR, LFRS


Filter and pressure regulator combine a single unit and cleans the compressed air of fluid oil,condensation and dirt particles.For special application,the standard 40 m filter element may easily be replaced by a 5 m filter element.
The XOR maintain im putting constant operating pressure despite fluctuation in line pressure and the amount of air consumed.

Compressed air filter regulator LFR, LFRS
Two pressure gauge connections for different installation options
With manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic condensate drain
Lockable rotary knob
Size: micro, mini, midi, maxi

Size            Maxi
Actuator lock        Rotary knob with detent
Mounting position        Vertical +/- 5°
Grade of filtration        5 µm
Condensate drain        Manually rotating
Structural design        Filter regulator without pressure gauge
Max. condensate volume    43 ml
Bowl guard        Metal bowl guard
Pressure gauge        G1/4 prepared
Operating pressure        1 bar ... 16 bar
Pressure regulation range    0.5 bar ... 12 bar
Max. pressure hysteresis    0.4 bar
Standard nominal flow rate    6,000 l/min
Storage temperature        -10 °C ... 60 °C
Temperature of medium    -10 °C ... 60 °C
Ambient temperature        -10 °C ... 60 °C
Product weight        1,600 g
Type of mounting        Line installation
Pneumatic connection 1    G1
Pneumatic connection 2    G1
Note on materials        RoHS-compliant
Housing material        Die-cast zinc
Material of bowl        PC